Amiga 500


Amiga 500 with 1084S monitor and external A1010 3.5″ floppy drive. © Bill Bertram 2006

The bestselling Amiga of all time…  This was the machine that turned things around for Commodore when it was released in 1987.  It had a revised version of the design used in the Amiga 1000, which was cheaper to manufacture, and was aimed at the home market.  It was the first Amiga model to be available in the familiar “keyboard wedge” shape, where the keyboard housed the computers mainboard and disk drive.  It also came with what was the latest versions of Kickstart 1.2 and Workbench 1.2 at the time, and was the first Amiga to be sold with video games, as well as productivity software, in the box.

The changes it had were also added into the first major revision of the Amiga 2000, to which it was very closely related.

Over time, there were running changes to the Amiga 500 mainboard, here are the most common versions and what difference it has:

revision 3:
512 kB Chip RAM on motherboard as 16 chips
Kickstart 1.2 ROM

revision 5
Fat Agnus 8370 (NTSC) or 8371 (PAL)

revision 6
Fat Agnus 8372A (part of the ECS chip set) supports 1 MB Chip RAM
Agnus is rotated 90° counter clockwise
512 kB Chip RAM on motherboard as 4 chips
empty places for other 4 chips giving 1 MB RAM on the motherboard
Kickstart 1.3 ROM

revision 7

revision 8
Kickstart 2.04 ROMs and ECS chip set: Fat Agnus (8375), Super Denise (8373)
512 kB Chip RAM on the motherboard
battery and clock circuit is missing

CPU: Motorola 68000 @ 7.16MHz (NTSC)
Motorola 68000 @ 7.09MHz (PAL)
Chip RAM: Standard 512K
Maximum resolution: 640×400 (NTSC)
640×512 (PAL)
(32 colour maximum in 640x resolutions) *
Kickstart versions: 1.2
Workbench version: 1.2
Total RAM: 512K (expandable to 1MB with the A501 RAM expansion module)
Price in 1987:
(US Dollars)

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