This is what a lot of people used their Amigas for, often not even knowing (or caring) that it was one of the most powerful computing platforms around.


Here’s a comparison of “Shadow of the Beast” on the Amiga and it’s close rival, the Atari ST


And here’s the tunnel from “Super Stardust” on the Amiga 1200/4000/CD32:


One of the earliest games to really make an impression was “Defender of the Crown”:


Some games were available on the Amiga, as well as on other computing platforms, such as “Another World” (also known as “Out of this World”):


“Lemmings” was also very successful on the Amiga, as well as on many other platforms, but the Amga version is easily one of the best:


Some people loved the action of “Turrican II”:


The Lotus racing games were also very popular:


Many loved the humor and puzzles of “The Secret of Monkey Island”: