Amiga 4000T

Amiga 4000 Tower system with M1438 multisync 14" monitor.

Amiga 4000 Tower system with M1438 multisync 14 inch monitor.

The last Amiga under Commodore…

CPU: Motorola 68040 @ 25MHz
(Commodore A3640 CPU card – Link opens in new tab)
Chipset: AGA
Chip RAM: 2048K
Maximum resolution: 1280×400 (NTSC)
12800×512 (PAL)
Kickstart versions: 3.1
Workbench version: 3.1
Total RAM: 2048K Chip and 8Mb FAST, expandable to 18MB total (2048K Chip, 16MB Fast)
4 72pin SIMM slots for FAST RAM, maximum 4MB in each SIMM slot
Expansion options: 5 Zorro III slots
2 AGA Video Slots
4 Inactive 16bit ISA slots
1 200pin CPU Fast Slot
5 5.25″ Drive bays (3 Horiztonal, 2 Vertical)
1 50pin External SCSI
Price in 1994:
(US Dollars)

The Complete Amiga 4000 User Guide
AGA Graphics Suppliment

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