1985 – 1986

April 1985: Kickstart beta 0.4 (v 24.061) is completed.

July 1985: Kickstart beta 0.7 (v 27.003) is completed.

July 19, 1985: USA Patient US4777621 A (Video game and personal computer) applied for by Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

July 22, 1985: Commodore Pins Its Hopes on the Amiga : Contends It’s Not a Home Computer (Los Angeles times article, written by Donals Woutat)  Interesting article, which shows the issue Commodore had of not knowing where it’s target market for the machine was.

Some time between July and September 1985: Kickstart 0.7 (v 27.005), and 0.8 (v28) is completed.

September 1985: Kickstart 1.0 (v 30) NTSC is completed.  Workbench 1.0 is completed.
The Commodore Amiga (later renamed the Amiga 1000) was released to regions of the world that use the NTSC video standard.
Article “The Amiga from Commodore: an in-depth review” in Compute! Magazine issue 64 (Article starts on page 16).

November 1985: Kickstart 1.1 (v 31.034) NTSC and Workbench 1.1 is completed and released.
Article “Amiga’s Amazing Graphics” in Compute! Magazine issue 66 (Article starts on page 119).

February 1986: Kickstart 1.1 (v 31.034) PAL is completed and released, along with the Commodore Amiga in regions of the world where the PAL video standard is used.

September 1986: Kickstart 1.2 (v 33.166) is finished, along with Workbench 1.2.

October 1986: Kickstart 1.2 (v 33.180) is finished.
November 1986: Kickstart 1.2.1 (v 34.004) is finished.

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