Amiga 3000T

Amiga 3000 Tower

CPU: 68030 @ 25Mhz, with 68882 floating-point coprocessor (FPU) @ 25MHz
plugged into A3000 processor slot (supports AutoConfig RAM on CPU slot)
Chip RAM: 1024K, expandable to 2048K
Maximum resolution: 1448×482 (NTSC)
1448×556 (PAL)
4 colour maximum in screenmodes above 724 pixels wide*
Kickstart versions: 2.0 (early revisions 2.04, later 2.05)
Workbench version: 2.0
Total RAM: 5MB (1024K Chip, 4096K Fast) expandable to 18MB on main board (2MB Chip, 16M Fast), expandable further with 3rd party RAM expansions
Price in 1991:
(US Dollars)

Amiga Release 2 Getting Started
Using the System Software V2.05

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