Amiga 3000 Tower

Amiga 3000 Tower – picture used with permission from Santo Nucifora

Amiga 3000 Tower – picture used with permission from Santo Nucifora

These pictures of an Amiga 3000 Tower are used with permission from Santo Nucifora, from his web site:

The Amiga 3000 Tower was much like the Amiga 3000 desktop, although in a much larger ‘tower’ style case, allowing much more room for internal expansion cards and storage devices.  As with the Amiga 3000, it had the SCSI interface and “VGA” 31kHz video output.  As with the Amiga 3000, this machine also had the full ECS chipset, which enabled more flexibility on graphics output when compared to the earlier OCS chipset, but it wasn’t as flexible as the later AGA chipset.

CPU: Amiga 3000T/030: 68030 @ 25Mhz, with 68882 floating-point coprocessor (FPU) @ 25MHz
Amiga 3000T/040: 68040 @25MHz (A3640 CPU board plugged into A3000 processor slot, which supports AutoConfig RAM on CPU slot)
Chip RAM: 1024K, expandable to 2048K with ZIP chips.
Maximum resolution: 1448×482 (NTSC)
1448×556 (PAL)
16 colour maximum in resolutions above 384 pixels wide.
4 colour maximum in screen modes above 724 pixels wide, available colour palette in this case is not the full 16x16x16 = 4096 one, instead R G B components can only be selected in 4 levels resulting in a reduced 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 colours (from full black to full white) palette.*
Kickstart versions: 2.0
Workbench version: 2.0
Total RAM: 5MB (1024K Chip, 4096K Fast) expandable to 18MB on main board (2MB Chip, 16M Fast), expandable further with 3rd party RAM expansions
Price in 1991:
(US Dollars)

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Amiga 3000T Brochure

Amiga Release 2 Getting Started
Using the System Software V2.05

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