Kickstart 1.4 beta

May 1989: Kickstart 1.4 Alpha 15 – 256K

With this early version of Kickstart 1.4, it was still obviously based upon Kickstart 1.3, although the Insert Disk screen shown was quite a departure from the static, hand drawn picture of a hand holding a Workbench disk shown in all previous Kickstart versions.  This was still the same size as Kickstart 1.3, fitting into the same 256K of space, although all modules within Kickstart had been revised and now were all version 36, as opposed to the version 34 modules in Kickstart 1.3

December 1989: Kickstart 1.4 Alpha 18 – 512K

Only 6 months after the Alpha 15 of Kickstart 1.4, and it’s vastly different to how it was.  It has now doubled in size, making this the first version of Kickstart that can’t be used with the Write Once Memory of the Amiga 1000, as it no longer fits.  There are a large number of new modules in Kickstart now, and many of those that existed in Alpha 18 are significantly different, both in look and in operation.

This was the version of Kickstart supplied on early revision Amiga 3000s. It started off as improvements on Kickstart 1.3, but was never formally released, as it became Kickstart 2.0, as the changes became so large over 1.3 as time went on.

See also Workbench 1.4

Instead of coming out of beta testing, it was replaced with Kickstart 2.

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