Robert J. “RJ” Mical

From 1984 to January 1986, Robert J. Mical worked for Amiga Inc. and then Commodore International on the development of the Amiga 1000 and later models. As software engineer, he created various development tools. He developed Intuition, the Amiga user interface system software. He also contributed to the Amiga hardware design and helped create an early milestone software program for the computer: the Amiga Boing Demo. At the peak of his responsibilities he was appointed Director of Software. After leaving the company, he became an independent contractor, serving the Amiga community by creating development and support tools and games for a number of clients. He notably contributed to the development of Defender of the Crown (1986) from Cinemaware.

He currently works for Google and is very well respected in the industry, even if most people have never heard of him.

USA Patents granted to “Robert J Mical”, including many of the original patents for the Amiga.