Tim King

The web page for Dr Tim King can be found here: https://tim-king.com/ (opens in a new tab).

Tim King joined a company called Metacomco in 1983, where he continued to work on an Operating System he had already started work on, called Tripos, for machines that used the Motorola 68000 CPU.

In 1984, during the rush to have the Amiga ready for release, the DOS (Disk Operating System) portion of the system was behind schedule. Originally this was going to be something different (The Commodore Amiga Operating System or CAOS for short) , but it was decided by the management at Commodore that they couldn’t wait any longer, so Metacomco won the contract to write the DOS portion of the Amiga Operating system.

Tim King wrote the AmigaDOS portion of the Amiga Operating system, based heavily upon the Triops Operating System he had previously developed.