Amiga Applications compatible with AmiKit X

The Amiga was and is a computer platform that, at the height of its popularity, sold MILLIONS of machines a year.  While some of those machines may have never been used for anything but playing games, it was still a viable platform for much more ‘serious’ software.

In the early days, software such as WordPerfect was released on the Amiga, and that soon expanded to many different software choices, allowing you to do pretty much anything you could do on competing platforms such as MS-DOS, the Apple Macintosh and the Atari ST.

While some of the software titles may have names that are not familiar to you, many were quite capable of being alternatives to what was available on other machines, and often had features that were unmatched on competing platforms.

Because of the sheer number of software titles that were released for the Amiga platform, it is impossible in any reasonable timeframe to test the compatibility of every single title with AmiKit X, I have tested a number of titles to see if they work correctly under AmiKit X or not.

ImageFX 2.6 – including Cinemorph
ImageFX is an Image processing program, which can do a variety of transformations upon images, and can create animations from images.





PersonalPaint 7.1







PersonalPaint 6.6

FinalWriter 5.03





Deluxe Paint IV AGA 4.5

Deluxe Paint V 5.2

Imagine 3.3

Photogenics 2a