Unix on the Amiga

One of the lesser-known options available to people back in the day was Amiga UNIX, often referred to as Amix. This was a full port of AT&T Unix System V Release 4 operating system developed by Commodore and available as an option on several machines from 1990.

The machines to have this as an option were the Amiga 2500UX and the Amiga 3000UX, both being based upon the Amiga 2000 and Amiga 3000.

In the case of the Amiga 2500UX, the main difference was the addition of the A2620 (14MHz 68020, 14MHz 68882 Floating Point Unit, 68851 Memory Management Unit, extra FAST RAM, additional ROM required for Amiga Unix support) or A2630 (25MHz 68030 with internal Memory Management Unit, 68881 or 68882 Floating Point Unit, Amiga Unix ROM), in order to meet the higher requirements of Amiga Unix. There was also a A2090 or A2091 SCSI controller board as well as a SCSI Hard disk drive.

It is believed that the main reason that this option was offered was a direct result of work done within Commodore to port AT&T Unix to the Amiga, as part of negotiations with SUN microsystems to have them resell systems based upon the Amiga as inexpensive, but capable, workstations. However this deal fell through, and the work done for the system that was known within Commodore as the Amiga 3500 for this system became the Amiga 3000T.

As this was only an option offered for a short time, and only with limited machines, this page is intended mainly to include this as part of the Amiga history, and this is not intended as a comprehensive knowledge base on Amiga Unix. For anyone wishing to learn more, we strongly recommend visiting AmigaUnix.com