Kickstart 1.1

Kickstart 1.1 Insert Workbench screen

Kickstart 1.1 Insert Workbench screen

Kickstart 1.1 became available in December 1985 for NTSC Amiga 1000 machines, and February 1986 for the release of the Amiga 1000 in countries using the PAL video format.

It contained the same modules as Kickstart 1.0, but there were revisions to each module.  To the user it looked the same, but apparently it was still rather unstable and prone to crashing.

The only difference between the NTSC and PAL versions of Kickstart was that timer.device was changed to work with 50Hz timers instead of the 60Hz timers used in NTSC, so timer.device was bumped from version 31.21 (23 Nov 1985), to timer 31.22 -50Hz (10 Feb 1986)

Kickstart 1.1 rev 31.34 NTSC module list

Kickstart 1.1 rev 32.34 PAL module list

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