1987 – 1988

Some time between January 1987 and November 1987: Kickstart 1.2 (v 33.166) is completed, including the infamous “We made Amiga,  they fucked it up.” Easter egg.  This Easter egg caused some within the Amiga team to be fired, and others told to move closer to head office, or find work elsewhere.  This Easter egg wasn’t found until shortly before Christmas 1987, and caused many of the already shipped Amiga 500 and 2000 machines to be recalled by Commodore, so that the kickstart ROM chips could be swapped for one with a later Kickstart 1.2 (v 34.004), which had the offending message changed to “The Amiga, Born a Champion”, but the original message was still showed, just under different circumstances, and it was better hidden.

March 1987: Article “The New, Expandable Amiga 2000: A hands on look at Commodore’s newest and most powerful machine ever” published in Compute! Magazine issue 82 (Article starts on page 8)

October 1987: Article “A hands-on look at the Amiga 500” published in Compute! Magazine issue 89 (Article starts on page 16)

November 1987: Kickstart 1.2.1 (v 34.004) is completed.

December 1987: Kickstart 1.3 (v 34.005) is completed.


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